Thursday, 14 April 2011

80's Kid

© Copyright Adrian Valencia

When I was a kid in the 80's, my parents used to take my brother and me to the auto cinema in Mendoza Argentina. It was always in summer.  The films usually started when it was getting dark. The place was full with families and couples in their cars. Most of the time we - the kids - were awake to see the first film that was usually an uncontroversial family film. On one occasion, I fell sleep in the back of the car in a little bed that my parents made for my brother and me.  We used to listen to the film through the car radio, and some strong noise must have woken me up. I was supposed to be sleeping, so I kept myself quiet. The film was Flashdance which was adult classified. I loved every single second of that movie -it was like a long electrifying music video. The women on that film were so glamorous, so young, trendy and different. I remember waking up the next day, and I drew scenes from the film all day long. Since then I've always wanted to live in a city, speak English and also if possible to become a good dancer. I'm a terrible bike rider though.

It is like Director Adrian Lyne says "Its corny, but it's kind of true, you know?".


nella gatica said...

Adrián ahora entiendo todo, me encantó que compartas esta parte de tu historia!!!! jajajja! yo también amé esta peli, mi mamá me mandaba a Gimnasia jazz, estaban de moda las polainas y la mayita, yo era una nena regordeta así que imagináte lo que parecía, nada más alejado a las esbeltas figuras de tus ilustraciones!!!! besossssssssssssssssss

maru said...

que lindo tenerte público. que lindo tenerte compartiendo. que lindo tenerte.

te adoro a más no poder!


Alicia Sisteró Asensio said...

Qué bonito lo que escribiste... Qué dulce la ilustración!
Todavía existe el "Autocine El Cerro" en el Challao, y a Manu le encanta ir... jajajja Hace un año lo llevé, y quedó fascinado.

Seguiré atenta a lo que publiques, me gustó tu blog.