Thursday, 7 July 2011

GaGa-Mobil !


Soon V magazine will announce the winner of the second instalment of their “Lady Gaga - Drawn This Way” contest. As much as I would like  to be the winner I just want to celebrate Gaga no matter what the result is. If I win I will be absolutely ecstatic and If not, well…I'll keep on trying!

V72 The Transformation Issue is on sale now! Starring Penélope Cruz by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
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Travis said...

You totally deserve it! Is that your car?

fefelino said...

You have the best draw among all of others.

And I simply love this illustrations about Gaga.

What about make others based on videos like Poker Face e Papparazzi?

You're amazing!

qstom said...

I'm lovin your blog!
I can't wait to see this car around London!
Que bueno, me encanta tu trabajo.

Sunny said...

wow,this is amazing!
LOVE your lady gaga series!<3

Flara said...

wow!! cool:)

Jelena MS said...


Danielle said...

Can't wait for the prints!

superkitina said...

Que paso con el concurso!? Tenía una pinta estupenda!