Wednesday, 9 November 2011

This is not lying down . . .

By the time this post has been published, I will have already completed my Hot Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge. Bikram Yoga is a repetition of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a room heated to 105°F (≈ 40.6°C) with a humidity of 40% for 90 minutes. I've been practising Yoga for a couple of years now and this was a challenge indeed. Every day has been a surprise of expectation and delivery. There were days I felt fantastic and I collapsed later on in class, and others when I was doubtful and it went brilliantly. I confess: I've never really understood healthy outgoing people. I'm not a sporty person. Don't get me wrong…I have tried. I'm just simply not good at it. But today I'm here, with a grin on my face, happy to share with you that my posture has changed, that I'm walking taller and that I'm feeling healthier.

Why am I sharing this? Well…Sometimes creatives and especially illustrators live a funny kind of life:  the busier you are, the less you move. Unless you share a studio with others you'll have to learn to spend time on your own. If something is not working as you wish, chances are that those thoughts will stay with you longer. I used to find it difficult to deal with several different projects in the same week. Unless you press send, if the job is still sitting on your desk while working on something else, it could be challenging to move on…  I can't say that I have a stressful life because working on what I like to do is a privilege, but the last 30 days have helped me to reset not only my mind but my body. Those last two minutes in savasana, where my body integrates and assimilates what I've just done, have helped me to not get distracted or agitated by the uncertainty of creativity. Let it go totally and start again when necessary. Two wonderful minutes of "nada".

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